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    Question Main account / Addon account: Your advise is required.


    I want to ask one question. It is a very basic, it should be as I am very new in hosting.

    I have signed up with a hosting company. I am entitled to add more than 10 Addon accounts.

    The URL of the main account, for instance is

    In the public_html there is a folder names abc to store the files.

    I have added an Addon domain, by the name, for instance, In the public_html there is a folder named xyz to hold the files of the Addon account. FYI, the Addon account is Joomla based which I installed by Fantastico.

    Based on above scenario, I have following queries:

    1. Main account:
    When I type www. and hit enter the main page of site is displayed but in address bar appears (abc is name of the folder in public_html). should be in the address bar.

    2. Addon account:
    As mentioned above I have Addon account by the name When I type, the homepage of the site is displayed with This is fine so far. But, when I hover on the links of the site,<folder> is displayed in the status bar (bottom of the browser). I think this is wrong, there should be no reference to the main site i.e. when I am accessing Addon account.
    Second problem is that in the brower's title bar is being appered ,which I think is wrong. There should be in the title bar as Addon account is being accessed.

    Please advise what should I do. I want both accounts to be separated from each other. Am I doing something wrong?

    Looking forward,

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    What control panel are you using?

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    When you refer to the Joomla install on the account, is this an application you are attempting to install to the domain Or is the add-on accounts facility a Joomla based script allowing you to provide such a facility.

    If this is supposed to be addon_accounts from your hosting provider similar to which allows you to add multiple domains to your hosting account (add-on domains) then it at first appears as though this may be an issue at your hosting providers end.

    Most hosting providers allow you to have a separate htmldocs / public_html directory per domain name; they are not usually shared amongst domains.

    You may also want to check you are using the correct function within your control panel, and not a feature such as web_users where you can grant seperate access to folders within your public_html directory using a seperate username and password from your primary account details, this will allow you to give these details to friends etc.

    Best of luck resolving the issue
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    Ok, let me try to put some light in here.
    We are talking about Cpanel, where the main account have its own public_html, and addon domains folders inside of public_html
    In this case, let's say that the main domain is

    What you did is to create a folder inside of the public_html called aaa, and uploaded all the contents of your main account in there, instead of public_html
    Which create a URL like

    What you have to do, is to create a mod_rewrite rule to avoid that URL or move the contents that you have on the folder public_html/aaa to public_html/

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