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    Need help picking a domain name

    hi all

    I need to find a domain name that all my hostnames can point to. it needs to be professional in sounding and quite catchy and somthing that will sound good as a hostname any ideas as im baffled?

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    What do you mean by all of your hostnames? Do you mean all the sites that you own? Do you want to network them? If so, it can be something along your last name or something. Or it could be something along the lines of a name only you understand. If that's not what you mean, then you'll need to explain it a little more.

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    You need to clarify what you meen if you want advise,
    Whatever your upto, pick a domain that:
    1. is Search Engine Friendly - ie
    2. Customer friendly -
    3. is not going to get you into trouble. - Do Not use -

    I have some names may suit if you want to pm me
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    If someone thinks of a really great catchy name they will register it for themselves.

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