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    Host won't reply!


    I used a company called Versehost to register and host my site around 3 years ago.

    About 18 months ago I contacted them to cancel the hosting as I was switching to my own in house server. They updated the DNS for me but every month since they have been sending me an email invoice for the hosting.

    I contacted them when this first started happening and they said something about not having permission to stop the invoices being generated and to just ignore the invoices.

    I have since tried to contact them asking how to transfer the domain away from them but they do not answer emails or trouble tickets which I submit.

    Can anyone offer any advice about what to do and how to proceed.

    Many thnaks,


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    I doubt you are going to get anywhere, if you want to get access to the domain you need to contact the particular registrar and they might release it to you.

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    It seems to me that another domain is held hostage.

    Is the terms and conditions of your hosting account says that you will be the ultimate owner of the domain after. I think you first need to try and call them if email and support ticket wont work.

    Please look for a telephone number on their domain name via this link (saw some numbers there)

    I suppose that's the correct domain name for your former host. If not, just change the domain name to correct.

    Hope this helps.
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    Is the domain name administrator email in the whois page bis your email??
    If yes I think you could order transfer domain to another registrer it will be very easy
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    if you are not the owner of the domain on the paperwork (on whois, and according to the registrar) you need to call them and make them take care of this immediately, read the TOS you agreeed to, there is probably some fee in there for them to release it ( as in, give you the rights to the domain so you can transfer it from their account to yours)

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    Make sure you are on the whois paperwork or you could have problems

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    It looks as if they kno what they are doing.....

    They are listed in the whoise as the registrant, admin contact and technical contact:

    VH Registrations
    Hostmaster VerseHost ([email protected])
    Fax: none
    P.O. Box 451
    Marlboro, NJ 07746

    Is anyone reading this thread in the US. If so would anyone be willing to call the toll free number to see if anyone picks up (I am in Europe).

    (877) 573-5595

    Thanks in advance.


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    unfortunately, Rob, I can't call him for you because I'm in Europe too but I'd like to ask you are you the owner of this domain or not? Have you looked through TOS thoroughly? Maybe you'll
    find the answer your question there.
    Good luck

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    Off topic....

    You can call US number using skyap for free. I Hope this help.

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    i agree with danny and like i said before you need to read the TOS and their website very carefully. it will tell you how to get your domain under your name in there, probably has a fee attached to the process but then again, you agreed to those terms when you ordered from them.

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    With invoice, you need to contact billing, it's where they manage financial accounts.

    Try contact the following:
    [email protected]
    [email protected] - everywhere and he's owner
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
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    These guys really are a bunch of Cowboys. I cnnot even see any TOC on their site.

    Is there not an independent body I can take my case too in order to rsolve this.

    It clearly is a case of my domain being held hostage.


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    Don't waste your time looking for some independent body to take care of the case.

    Try to call them even if they are in the US if your domain is important. It won't cost that much.
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