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    Question How to accept mail for not existing uer?

    I'm working on a small community, where Member should also communicate via email. I'd like to give each member a mail addy <nickname>@community-domain and forward mail to their community address to their real address (that they gave us in the registration form). Since their registered address might be updated from time to time and I don't want to add a user for each community member (there are lots of domains hosted on the server), I'd like to accept any mail to the community domain, forward it to a PHP script, that queries the database to get the real mail addy and then forwards the mail to this addy. I think I have a clue how the forwarding should work, but how to accept any mail to a domain?


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    Setup one user for the site;

    in the mail aliases section for that user, add the alias

    Any mail sent to will be delivered to the inbox of this user. You can then retrieve that mail via whatever script you write.



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