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    Looking for Experienced Slicer/Coder

    We are looking for an honest, experienced, flexible, reasonably priced slicer and coder with at least 3 verifiable references. We will also need to see the code and .psd's of some of your previous work.

    This work is on a pay per job basis only. If you are looking for fulltime gig this is not it. But, it will be a good way to make a little extra cash and work with a reputable design company. If you do good work we will also be glad to give you references for your future endeavors.

    Unfortunately piracy is a big issue with website designs so you must live in the United States and have a valid phone number and verifiable address. Piracy or theft will not be tolerated. With every job you will be required to agree to a Letter of Destruction (LOD) and then destroy all copies/files of every template.

    You should be proficient in Photoshop (preferably ImageReady) slicing, CSS and HTML.

    We need our designs coded for a template system: header, footer, left and right and all slices will be named in Photoshop/ImageReady for easy exporting. All slices will also be properly optimized. The coding needs to be table based on most jobs but all background images body margins and such must use CSS. In other words CSS should be used whenever possible. Some jobs may require pure CSS.

    Currently we have 6 or 7 designs that need to be sliced and coded and will be adding more on a weekly/monthly basis.

    Payments will be made via PayPal after the work is inspected and OK’d. You will also be required to send us a PayPal invoice for each job.

    If you do not meet every criteria stated above please do not waste my time or your time. If you do meet this criterion and are interested please contact me via PM or the email in my signature. NO IM’s PLEASE. If you IM me you will not be considered for this work as it will be apparent that you either did not read this or cannot follow instructions.

    Feel free to post any comments, questions or concerns.

    Thank You.

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