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    panels question

    What do you recommend for a good reseller panel to look for?

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    We recommend iBiz Panel and Alabanza. Both are fully automated and are well liked by end users. Both allow reselling to resellers. This is what we use.

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    iBizPanel is Pretty good,

    Just My opinion


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    I would say to choose the panel that your provider of choice offers. Many offer cpanel which is much like the Microsoft Windows of Hosting. Basically it isn't really the best or most secured option - but it is the most used and requested panel at this moment. A few others to research - Direct Admin, Interworx, and HSphere. Hsphere by far is the most flexiable.

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    Personal favorite is DirectAdmin. Most all hosts are going to have a demo for you (as well as demos at the actual panel providers). Give each a try and see what you really enjoy best.

    cPanel does have the name recognition within the hosting market, but it really is going to depend greatly on your target market. Are you targeting people that have already had hosting before and would request cPanel by name, or are you targeting a first time hoster? Find your target market and figure out what they would want.

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