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    More IPOWER Web SQL Probs?

    I opened a ticket with ipowerweb today because I cannot acccess anything on my site that uses mysql... their panel vdeck is dependent upon it, I cannot access it, norr can I acess two different Wordpress blogs hosted there.

    So here's how my live chat goes:

    me: I cannot access my site or vdeck
    them: it works ok here
    me: my other domain hosted by you on a diff server is fine
    them: please access via
    me: doesn't work. "waiting for host" forever
    them: please access the server
    me: nope, same thing
    them: disappears for five minutes
    me: (I discover I can access images and static webpages, just nothing that uses mysql such as their vdeck, and my blogs and which I knew when I began chat, I can access via ftp)
    them: (finally comes back) The IP of your server is blocked by your ISP
    me: No it isn't, I just found I can access anything that doesn't use mysql
    them: Well I am able to pull up your blog
    me: please open a ticket and have someone investigate mysql. I can access anything on the site that doesn't use mysql
    them: ok, give me your email address and I will open a ticket
    me: may I have my ticket number please?
    them: "ok, wait... for a while" note the quotes. that is exactly what he said.
    five mins later I get a ticket number.

    Maybe I'm just stupid and I don't understand these internet tubes. Someone enlighten me if I am operating on fundamental misunderstanding:

    If I can access anything on my site except anything that uses mysql... is it possible that my ISP has the IP address of my server blocked? See my tiny little brain is telling me that is not possible.

    Is it possible that he might just have been accessing my stuff LOCALLY and thereby excluding the possibility that there is a problem with their serving those pages over the INTERNET?

    How is "it works fine from here" troubleshooting and support? Someone explain to me how that is a valid response?


    And, within the last 30 days, I saw on their TOS today, they have implemented a $50 cancellation fee, and require 30 days notice (the 30 days might have been there before) but for $100 per year a $50 cancellation fee makes it sort of useless to even request a refund.

    Now in a few days I'll get an email saying "try again" but there will be no admission of a problem, no indication that anything was fixed. It's always an intimation that all problems are user stupidity. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

    (hey Mr. Radic look! another pissy post! )

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChristineSG
    If I can access anything on my site except anything that uses mysql... is it possible that my ISP has the IP address of my server blocked?
    No. You are accessing your website on their servers. Their servers then connect to the database servers (locally or remotely). You do not access the database servers directly.
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    I guess my facetiousness wasn't very transparent, huh?

    Thanks for your helpful response, though.

    Miraculously, the site is working now... No follow up from ipower, though. Not surprised.

    I guess the tube that was blocked got cleared.

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    Im glad I found this site..

    The IPOWER support is THE WORST EVER! Last week I was on the phone every day, and every day I got a different excuse and a different assurance that it would be fixed. (the "upgrade" to sql 5 corrupted my db)
    Their chat is contracted out to India.. avoid it at all costs

    I finally called their sales team because I have been losing sales due to their inept support, and wanted some sort of financial recompensation. I spoke with the sales manager, and after he saw all the hands that were involved in one ticket, he actually walked over to a Lev2 and resolved half of the issue. So I had to contact SALES to get a TECH issue resolved?!?!

    Since my SQL is STILL jacked up, I really cant believe that they get these #1 ratings everywhere. AVOID THEM AT ALL COSTS.

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    You are correct that their support is terrible. Worse still, their support seems to have no knowledge whatsoever of what their system administrators have done or will be doing. Over the last year our site has been down several times. Each time it is because they have changed the version of their mysql server and corrupted our database. First they upgrade the mysql server version (which shuts us down), then a couple of weeks later they take it back to the original version (which shuts us down again). And taking backups doesn't help too much because the backups for the new version of mysql can't be restored to the old version of mysql when they "downgrade". In all of this their support is clueless about what is going on and won't admit (or don't know about) any changes to the server version despite me having screenshots. And managing your mysql database through their provided web interface is painful in itself because they have the timeout set so low that you can't run any scripts of considerable size (and they don't allow administration outside of that web interface).

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    Wow.. so other people are having this problem as well.
    Lets put a list of people NOT to talk to when you call..

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