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    Is there a demand for UK based VPS?


    I am wondering do you think there is a demand or a gap for UK based dedicated VPS providers?

    Or does the USA market hold some value?

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    I don't know what the over-all supply/demand situation is (i.e. wether is it a relatively untapped market or as saturated as lot of the hosting markets), but there will be some demand for UK based providers, and there are in fact already some such providers - search the offers forum and a couple should become apparent.

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    There are a few decent UK providers at the moment, but there is a restricted market, if you take the USA for example, there are loads, but the UK, there are about 10 i can think of.

    And some are cheap, some are expensive, just depends what market your aiming your products at, Cheap Value VPS', or High Spec VPS'.
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    It would actually be more the middle range plans starting from around £34.95 - £44.95 including cPanel/WHM & Fantastico

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    The UK market at the moment is mainly in the £10-30pm range.
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