Hi all, I bought this CPU on Sept 8th at ClubIT.com for $336 (have receipt to show you). I never opened it because I was waiting for some money to get the Extreme E6800, if I didn't get it then I just went ahead with the CPU. I just got the money today and decided to buy the E6800, but I can't return it to ClubIT because their policy is 15 days on CPU, plus they charge 15% restocking fee that costs me $50.

The bottom line is, this E6600 is sold at NewEgg for $320. I'm selling it for $300, free shipping in the U.S (only sell in the U.S anyway). It's BRAND NEW retail box, I never opened it.

I've been a member here for a long time, I expect an honest and smooth transaction, no scam period. If you're new user who just registered, then I'm sorry to say no just as precaution. Any question please feel free to ask.