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    so this is the template forum

    im just wondering if anyone does templates full time , or if it is just something a lot of people do on there free time and offer on this forum . After looking at all these nice templates it makes me wanna offer some of my own


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    making templates is probably a part time thing. Cranking out website designs 8 hours/day is hard because you need time to come up with new concepts and that can't be rushed.

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    Personally never been a fan of the template gang. To me it seems more effort than it's worth. Most templates here I've looked at are half-assed or worse, and I'd imagine the 'will change to suit customer' ends up being close to a full redesign.

    I just prefer to start from scratch with someone's input and create accordingly. I have a couple of dead-ends I've considered putting up for sale, but the chicken feed people seem to ask for them makes it next to impossible to make back the money Vs time spent making it in the first place. I just tend to recycle them into a design later on when one comes along that suits what's lying around - better money for your time.

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