hey everyone,

having a major DNS issue on my VPS, was hoping you could help. jagpc has been "working on it" for over 2 hours and i see absolutely no change yet...

basically, none of my sites resolve. all services are up, cpanel works, whm works, one of my clients who uses dynamic dns can see his sites without issue, which seemingly narrows this down to a DNS issue on the server.

i've restarted named, no errors, works fine.

dnsreport.com shows some major problems:

FAIL Lame nameservers ERROR: You have one or more lame nameservers. These are nameservers that do NOT answer authoritatively for your domain. This is bad; for example, these nameservers may never get updated. The following nameservers are lame:
<my nameserver ips>

FAIL Missing nameservers 2 ERROR: One or more of the nameservers listed at the parent servers are not listed as NS records at your nameservers. The problem NS records are:
<both my nameserver ips>

SOA FAIL SOA Record No valid SOA record came back:
is not <mydomain.com>.

any suggestions?