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    Exclamation Hiring Web / CSS Designer

    Due to a recent increase in business, we are seeking a Web / CSS Designer to work with us on several upcoming projects. You must be able to demonstrate a proven track record in the highest standard of designs.

    We are looking for someone who is capable of designing new, unique, high quality layouts. You will assist or lead the design into initial web presentation as required.

    What we are not looking for:


    • Proven unique style & technique (portfolio required).
    • Focus on usability in legability and navigability (a must!).
    • Practice of simplicity over "cool" design and overly complex interfaces.
    • Color harmony (effective use of color schemes).
    • Attention to detail (a must!).

    • Ability to design unique layouts within Adobe Photoshop.
    • Good sorking knowledge of HTML/CSS.

    What we are not looking for:

    • Overly flashy design style.
    • Confusing and/or inconsistent design structure.
    • Lack of attention to detail.

    If you're interested, you're good, and you know it - include a link to your portfolio with your response. Job will initially be based upon per project and not salary based. If you believe yourself to be a fit for this project, please contact me with a link to a recent portfolio and rates. Although not mandatory, we prefer that you are located in Canada or the United States.

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    XHTML/CSS coder here. You can contact me via MSN, but contact via PM first.

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    You're not looking for anything, are you?

    You might want to check your post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fireshark
    You're not looking for anything, are you?

    You might want to check your post.
    Yeah, I think he forgot. Just contact the moderators via HelpDesk and I am sure they can change it for you.
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