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    * EV1 - Dual Xeon 3.2, SCSI server available for transfer (Only 338 USD pm)

    Hi all,

    I'm willing to transfer my very special EV1 server to you.

    Dual Xeon 3.2 HT
    2gigs Ram
    3 X 73 GB SCSI Hdds
    1 X 230 GB IDE Hdd
    Linux ES4
    2000GB bandwidth

    The monthly price paid for this and what you'll pay: An amazing price of just 338 USD per month. (It's a long story how the specs came upto this and how the price stayed down - check out the prices of this server yourself on the EV1 site - it's hundreds more) I'm currently paying by credit card.

    I asked EV1 if change of ownership was allowed, I got an all OK.

    The server has been totally faultless in its history.

    I want only 275 USD for transfering it to under your name. After this payment your renewal is on the 18th of October

    This is a killer deal server, I expect it to be snapped up very soon, so be quick!

    It's available - immediately!


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    Now for only 199 USD it's yours.

    That's good as free setup + more. Renewal on Oct 18th, at that super rate.

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