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    Thumbs down can't transfer my domain from enom

    shoot, i guess i'm running into this problem as well.

    i was going to transfer my domain to another registrar, but guess what, it was locked, even though I asked them to remove the lock. The company that registered it for me in enom was asked in writing numerous times to remove the lock so i could finalise the transfer, and they said they did it, but no, transfer was still locked and now it's "unavailable"!
    It's been a month since i've started the transfer, and there were numerous mails going back and forth, and now my domain is expiring.

    I tried to contact enom directly, but I couldn't find any emails or contact details on their site, except one phone number that is always busy.

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    are all the contact details yours ?

    if so, enom should be able to help you. do you have an enom account ?

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    Admin contact is mine, other contacts belong to the company I registered my domain through.

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    no, I don't have a enom account, should I have one to resolve this issue?

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    IMO, it might be simpler for enom, to move the domain into an account where you have full control. then you could renew it.

    if you do this, I recommend you get a retail account.

    here's one place to get an account
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    thanks for advice, i've registered an account

    well, tell me not to get any "free" domains through resellers. never never again!

    my reseller was extremely uncooperative. it took me several days and several faxes to finally get through to him just to receive an answer that they have nothing to do with my problems. ugh!..

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