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    reseller hosting pkg in PST time zone?

    I am looking to switch from Versaweb. I like the really quick response times i get from versaweb to my geographical area (ping and tracert).

    Can anyone tell me who is in the same data center as versaweb and sells reseller packages? I know they are located in MarquisNet in Las Vegas.

    I am looking for a reseller package that hosts unlimited domains with WHM and Cpanel in the PST time zone. Any help is appreciated.
    Thanks in advance!

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    If you like the really quick response times of Versaweb, what makes you look for an alternate?

    And, if I am not wrong, most of the good hosts offer support on a 24 x 7 basis. So, you should be fine with a CST host as well. Maybe, try and look for some possible potential hosts and check them on their response times at the hour of your desire.

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    sorry. the response times are not regarding support but response of how quick the ping and tracert is. I have tried servers on EST and CST and ping time is > 100ms. where versaweb is approx 50ms.

    And versawebs support response time is below average.

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    What are you looking for in terms of disk space and bandwidth?

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