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    Database not showing in cpanel/phpmyadmin

    How can I make cpanel recognize all the db's in one account?
    Thank you,

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    Since I cannot edit the post:
    I have created db's in a cpanel account through ssh, but they don't show up in cpanel

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    ls -l /var/lib/mysql/usr_dbname

    they're most likely chowned to root, if so:

    cd /var/lib/mysql
    chown -R mysql:mysql user_dbname

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    My problem is that I don't know which db's belong to this account I have co-writen the php script with a partner who is gone now.
    All I can assure you off is that the db's where created by a shell from the specific account.
    How can I recognize them from the rest in the server, only one has the usr_ prefix?


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    The database user should be either the cpanel user or user_ prefix.
    ssh in and
    cd ~cpaneluser/public_html
    fgrep -R cpaneluser .

    Hopefully this list is short enough.

    You can also try to find files with things like dbname dbuser etc.. As you probably have a config somewhere with $dbname = "somename";

    fgrep -R dbname .

    of course if there is a config file all this is silly and you should check the config.php or similar.

    oh, if you do know the database user then you could log into mysql with that user and list databases.
    mysql -u username -p
    then enter
    show databases;

    Who would have guessed?

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