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    stay well clear of

    If you ever think of signing up with Premium Reseller . com . keep in mind the following.

    Allow 2-3 days for a reply for support ticket.
    Wait longer if your not happy with the service and request a refund.
    Very fast with taking your money and no contact hereafter.
    Also, your website whm area not accessable.

    Watch these flybynighters as they like to be only called *Premium.

    WARNING WARNING WARNING will robinson..
    Real Aus Hosting and Domain Names
    Domain Reseller Opportunity

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    What type of hosting did you have there? Can you share a domain you have/had with them? It would help validate your review.

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    When making a complaint, please always try to back it up to resist us from not trusting you and acting against you.

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    Thank you for the information. I will need lot of support from my hosting company.

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