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    Question Google Checkout...

    To anybody who has had experience with Google Checkout, I'm hoping you can clear up a couple of questions for me.

    I only learned of its existence recently, and I did look through the material on the Google site, and I even asked about it with a major shopping cart company that claims to support it. Anyway, here are my questions:

    1. As far as I can tell, using Google Checkout requires the customer, upon checkout, to get routed off to Google's site to enter their information, and then back to the originating store. Is there any way to use it and keep customers on the store site?

    1b. Is this the way it also works with other payment systems (e.g. Paypal, 2CO, etc.)? If I remember right, there is a way to use PayPal without going elsewhere and back.

    2. In your opinion, is it a problem for customers to have do the "back-and-forth" thing? Pros and cons?

    3. Is Google Checkout, which I believe just came out in June, too new to rely on? Is it supported well enough this early on?

    Any other tips and comments would be appreciated as well.


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    To answer your question 1b:
    PayPal's Website Payments Standard requires the customer to be on the PayPal website when they make their payment. Express Checkout requires the customer to be on the PayPal website to log in and retrieve their shipping and funding information, but then the customer is returned to the merchant site to complete the payment.

    The Direct Payment API available with Website Payments Pro allows you to process credit card payments on your own website; the customers would not be required to see any PayPal-hosted page. However, if you use Direct Payment, you are also required to offer Express Checkout as an option for your customers who want to log in to a PayPal account instead of paying you directly with a credit card.
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    If it were any other site, I don't know if I could trust a site that was only open for a few months. However because it is Google, they have the money and things of that nature to really handle a lot of work load. The only downfall to Google Checkout is that since it is so new, there are not nearly as many open accounts with Google as there are to PayPal.

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