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    Email delivery problem

    Hi to all,

    I am experiencing a problem with sending emails to specific locations from my domain. First of all i am hosting my domain on a shared hosting environment at a webhosting provider and the error i receive is the following:

    Failed Recipient: [email protected]***********
    Reason: Remote host said: 550 5.2.1 Mailbox unavailable. Your IP address XX.XX.XXX.X is blacklisted using HP. See

    I replaced all info with some X ... but the one thing that catches my eye is that it says: "Your IP address XX.XX.XXX.X ( i replaced the real numbers with X ) is blacklisted using HP". I have to mention that i am hosting my domain on a shared hosting environment and the IP that seems to be blacklisted is my mail server IP which also is blacklisted. Also i have to mention that i NEVER sendet spam from my account and also never someone has used my account from sending spam.

    Someone told me that this is an SMTP authentication error because the error message starts with 550. But i am not trying to send this email from Outlook. I am trying to send this email from a Webmail User Interface from inside a Browser. Besides all that i already have SMTP authentication enabled in Outlook but i think that this is not the matter. What do you think of it? What do you think is the matter with my mail server which is on a shared hosting environment?

    Thanks in advance


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    The error is a standard rejection code in the mail system - a hard bounce. The error message tells the full story. The common mail server for your shared server, has been flagged as sending spam recently, and so every piece of mail from this server gets flagged as bad.

    Forward the message to your support. Ask him to look into it. The admin will need to take steps to get the server removed from the blocking list. After this, things should return to normal.

    Not much you can do - other than to shift your site into a better neighbourhood......

    Regards rossh

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    if you are sure that your mailserver Ip is listed in spam database, then as you are in shared enviroment you are not responsible for this. some one in the host or spammer have used your mailserverIp for their spamming purpose.

    If you contact our host, they will ask the concern organisation to remove their from their blacklist or they can change the outgoing SMTP mailserverIP.

    If you are facing this issue constantly, then you can look for another good host as they are not taking corrective actions to prevent from this spam actions ....
    Live Your DreamZ

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    You need to get the ip address off the blacklist.
    Generally shared hosting ip addresses are only put on them for a max of 48 hours.

    But having said that it might a sensitive trigger puts it right back on it.

    The reason for the blacklist in the first place is more than likely down to a spoofed domain sending out large amount of spam. A reverse lookup on the domain sending it give the ip address which is then blacklisted.

    See what procedures your provider has in place for these events. They _should_ have something! If not, its a good reason to jump ship.

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