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    Question Superb vs. Layered Technologies

    I'm looking into some budget servers, and I've pretty much dwindled my choices down to these two companies: Superb and Layered Technologies. Does anyone have an opinion on choosing one over the other? I was initially ready to settle with Layered Technologies, but Superb's reputation on various ratings/reviews sites forced me to give it some more consideration.

    On a side note, I've been perusing through these forums for the past week, and I'd just like to thank every member here for their great insight. These forums have been very helpful.

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    I would prefer
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    Tell the OP why as well. I like either. From my knowledge superb is in washington and virginia, whereas Layeredtech is in Texas. These are distinctly diffferent regions. You'll be happy at either place, I think your ping times and traceroutes to the networks are most likely foremost and the prices should be a little less at layeredtech.

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    I was also wondering the same, after seeing that superb is in VA, i think i may lean toward them and give it a shot.

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