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    Is this acceptable?

    I got:

    'It was a flood attack, where a remote server opens as many connections as possible on your server, effectively doing a DOS attack on you. We have blocked most of the attacking IP's but we are still investigating, as there are some load issues on your server still.'

    My server was still down over 12 hours now. Is this acceptable for taking that long to recover?

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    If your server is getting attacked, I guess they can only do their best especially if the attack is from 10s of IPs. At least they are helping you with the DOS attack though so I think its acceptable as long as they are doing their best.

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    The answer you're invariably going to get is "If you want DDoS protection, use a DDoS provider".

    As for "what's acceptable" - look thru their TOS/AUP/SLAs.

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