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    Question Weirdness Redirection/DNS Host issue not sure

    Weirdness Redirection/DNS Host issue not sure

    I just loaded a up a site that I did for a friend, it has a php browser indentifier/redirection on it to decipher between ie and firefox. I'm adding to links below. One is through my site and working fine the other is to their url. At the present time i'm hosting both on a box from my house. I'm running apache xampp. I have virtual hosts set up and using zonedit to reroute things. I have some domains at godaddy and theirs on out on dns4less. dns4less only hosts/handles cgi, so I thought for a few days I would bring their site over to my box until I take all sites and send them to a new outside host. (hostGator or dot5hosting)

    Now the funny part. If I link to there site from my site (what i was doing before i sent them live, and can still do at the present time) everything rendors fine in each browser pulling the php pages and deciphering the browser users are hitting it with.
    The link from my site rlwwebdesigns internal link
    seems to work fine.

    Their url when hit by firefox, throws the IE pages.

    The firefox pages end in F.htm and the IE pages end in .htm.

    I have no idea why this is happening. I have cleared the cache on both browsers in my computers and still get the IE sites when I hit their url directly with firefox.

    Could this be because their old host doesn't support php??? The domain is just sitting there and I changed the dns to hit my box through zoneedit. This same thing that I do with my domains from godaddy.

    These sites with similar code are working fine on my setup, but the domains are out on godaddy and the dns point to the pages and code on my machine.

    Both links acutally hit the same foler of files on my server. If code is needed I can post.

    Bob W
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    Sounds like you don't have .htm setup to be parsed for PHP. View source on the page in your browser, do you see the PHP code?

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    As you say, both links go to your server - your browser sniffer must be failing on the other domain (different vhost, different .htaccess rules?).

    More to the point, are you doing this just to get around the different rendering in IE vs other browsers? If so just use the standard approach and give IE it's own small stylesheet to override whatever styles you need:
    <!--[if lt IE 7]><link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="styles/style_ie_win.css" media="screen" /><![endif]-->

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