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    APF startup problems. [locks me out]

    Ok, out of nowhere my server locks me out after a reboot. I havent touched my firewall settings in months, so im not sure what has happened. Heres the error from the logs

    Sep 26 03:19:53 www apf: iptables v1.2.11: can't initialize iptables table `mangle': Table does not exist (do you need to insmod?)
    Sep 26 03:19:53 www apf: Perhaps iptables or your kernel needs to be upgraded.
    Sep 26 03:19:54 www apf:
    Sep 26 03:19:54 www rc: Starting apf: succeeded

    This just happened out of nowhere. Maybe my host updated the kernel or something . I just wiped APF off the box and reinstalled and im still getting this problem. Im stuck now and im not sure whats the problem. Im not familar with iptables and thats the reason im using apf.
    Im back in my vps now because the HOST had to flush the firewall than i set APF to dev mod.

    CentOS Linux 4.2
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    upgrade your CentOS version. The latest version is on 4.3

    Anyway, try reinstalling the Apf again...after you upgrade your version
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    I got a response back from the host. It seems they are disabling "all" unnecessary modules (including nat/mangle and tun). Sadly, APF uses mangle and it will not run without this module enabled. However, they said there going to re-enable them in 1 week. - Hot Deals & Coupon Codes. Why Pay Retail?

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