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    how i can transfer mysql databases ??!!

    i need help transfering users mysql databases from dedicated server to another one.
    could any ..tell me the steps of that ??!!!

    much of thnx

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    if you have shell access:

    you could also use phpmyadmin if you have access to that. look for the backup function in phpmyadmin.

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    thank u for help

    but this backup only !!!
    in case i have deducated server i need to backup all users databases 7 restore it in the other server ...thats what i wan exactly...
    waiting ur help

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    Hey guys

    no answer !!!!!!!!

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    You simply use mysql to restore a mysql dump. If there is no create database in the dump then make sure to create the database first.

    mysql databasename < /path/to/sqldumpfile

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