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  1. #1 - Established Arcade Games Website - Unique Custom Template!


    Site Description:
    Arcadebarn is a well established online Games/Clips website. It was lauched 8 months and has 100,000+ games played so far. With only about $120 spent on Advertising.
    It comes with a custom made attractive fully coded template. And is currently running on PHPas (which has access to all the lastest edtions of the template).

    • Fully Licesenced version of PHPas (
    • Attractive Unique Template
    • Domain which has been renewed for another year, this week!
    • 100,000+ games played since its launch
    • A Clip & Soundboard section!
    • Over 250 games
    • Access to PHPas's very profitable referal network

    Whats Included:

    ArcadeBarn Traffic
    Unfortunitly during the month of July, ArcadeBarn faced server problems, and that is why the is no traffic for that month.

    ArcadeBarn is signed up to the PHPArcadeScript Affilate program were you $5 each time I refer someone from the URL on my website to PHPas itself. I have found this to be a pretty good money maker, just for a small piece of text at the bottom of my homepage. And has only been up for a couple of months, possibly more money could be made from this if you have a banner on the site somewere. Heres a Screenshot or the program.
    Arcadebarn is also linked upto the AdEngage network and is making approx $8 a month though I though this may not be worth mentioning.

    Price: $500 (PayPal)

    If you have any questions don't hesistate to PM me.
    Thanks for looking

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    Url isnt working for me. - Computer Support Forum

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    Is 500$ a fix price for the site or is it your BIN?

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    $500 is the BIN, although I would be willing to take offers around that.

    I use finexe web for
    domain registration and hosting.

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    UPDATE: Price dropped to $475, as a quick sale is needed.

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