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    Proxy related Job

    Hey there WHT,

    I'm currently in need of someone that is quite familiar with proxies to do some work on one I just purchased:

    I really love the design, it's quite appealing, but after the sale, I was alerted that the proxy does not have quality security. The pages show up via google cache: click here for example

    Thus, I'm looking for someone with quality expertise, when it comes to proxies, that would know how to fix this security issue, and add in "url encoding," to minimize people being keyword blocked when certain urls contain a word or phrase that is automatically blocked.

    I'm not sure on the payment, due to the fact I'm not sure how easy/hard this is to accomplish. It may just be a matter of updating the software, who knows. I don't want to give someone fair less then they would expect.. or, for my safety, far more.

    Overall, payment is very important to me though. I really admire hard, diligent workers. Payment quality is always high, via paypal. This will be discussed on contact.

    Contact Details:
    AIM: vk3
    Mail: [email protected]
    Or PM is fine.
    You can also reply to this forum if you would like me to contact you.

    Thank you.

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    Hi Brad,

    I don't know a lot about proxies myself but heres something i found earlier which might be helpful if you are having issues with hotlinking, it will just stop people being able to make links like that and instead redirect to the homepage, hope it helps.


    SupportPal - Smart self-hosted help desk software
    Supporting multiple channels, including Twitter and Facebook. WHMCS integration available.
    LicensePal - Discounted popular web hosting software licenses
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    Thanks for the info Jay.

    dveloper took care of everything I needed within the hour. Thanks a lot.

    <job taken and completed>

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