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    Hsphere Control Panel Issues?

    I'm looking at changing the control panel for a couple of dedicated servers that I manage. I've been considering the Hsphere panel. It looks a little like Plesk as far as interface, but I'd never even really heard of it till recently and I was wondering if there were any issues that I might come across? I've been researching it on a couple of other forums and have not seen anything too negative. More than anything it looks like some resellers using the control panel don't know what they're doing and had mucked up some things with Bind and the NS records.

    Any thoughts?

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    So you need a control panel for dedicated servers you manage? Are these dedicated servers separate from one another? Are they running multiple domains owned my multiple users? Do each user/domains need their own control panel?

    HSphere is a complex control panel. Depending what you need, it may not be the one you are looking for.
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    There will be two seperate boxes with multiple domains. All the users will have control over their file management and email setup, etc. Each user/domain will have it's own control panel. I'm going to be using the servers as a test platform for the back end control. To start they will have 5 domains each that I will manage for about two months until I find the interface that I'd like to use on the back end for customers.

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    If your planning for clustered server,then hsphere will play a good role as plesk won't support clustering.

    Before that, what is the platform you are looking windows or linux?
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    Greetings: is a good and active forum for H-Sphere providers.

    H-Sphere provides complete hosting automation which includes a control panel for the hosting provider, the reseller, and the end user customers of both.

    H-Sphere allows for multi-domain hosting across one to many servers which can be running various operating systems -- CentOS, FreeBSD, RedHat Enterprise, Trustix, Windows 200x -- and located at various locations. Yes, your cluster can be spread apart in various data centers around the world (though mysql servers should be in the same network segment as the web servers to keep latency low).

    H-Sphere allows for instant sign ups with fraud prevention through signup guard; and there are add on's to help with fraud prevention from

    H-Sphere licenses recycle automatically so as accounts are deleting, the licenses are automatically freed up to be re-assigned automatically later.

    While H-Sphere has an extreme learning curve compared to systems which are just another control panel, once you get past the learning curve hump, the rest is down hill (where as most just another control panel systems there is no easy ride after a hump, it is the same pace for years).

    Positive Software’s documentation team does very good work. Just a few weeks ago, we had an opportunity to work with cpanel. The documentation comparison is completely day and night.

    Where as Positive Software organizes documentation for H-Sphere by category – system administration, administration, reseller, end user – there was no such organization for cpanel.

    While Positive Software organizes documentation within each category where information from one document supports information from another document, not only was there no such organization for the cpanel documentation, but there were often end user contributed documentation, not all of which was in complete agreement with the other documentation.

    The Positive Software support team has a good response time compared to others in the industry. While they do have areas to grow in terms of providing more detailed responses than “we fixed it,” they react promptly in comparison to others.

    We moved to H-Sphere for our own hosting division several years ago. The move immediately saved us the annual cost of two employees – one in accounting, and one in support; and later on a lot more.

    Thank you.
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    It will be on Linux. I don't really like Plesk very much and CPanel has been very reliable. I'm just looking for options and opinons. Of course it will be preference in the end as well as functionality, but as a relative noob, I'm hoping to glean from some of the gurus before shelling out the dosh.

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