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    Advertising a hosting site

    Ive had a couple of hosting sites in the past were all kind of rubbish and failed, however all of a sudden ive made one and ive got people (friends and family that is) wanting to sign up on my reseller. Soon i will be able to afford to upgrade the reseller and i am just wondering how to advertise a hosting site, as i do not want to post on ebay, however i know that helps get your numbers but would not like that sort of image.

    Is there a way to get the site advertised at a relativly low price or is the best way just word of mouth, also would local flyers help as i am able to get them cheap in rather large quantitys.

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    id go google adsense, get creative with your keywords, go 80% google and 15% yahoo, 5% msn network, this will drive sales

  3. Google adsense may be a little over your budget if your just starting out. I would get your name in all the hosting directories (You can submit your company for free in most of them). Next if you have some extra money I would spent it on a good SEO service to get your search results up.

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    Just try to place your site links on few sites which are already listed in Google. Thats all you have to do and with in few days Google will index your site.

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    I spent next to nothing on advertising, in a few months my daily sales went up and business was booming.

    I'd suggest to put aside around $500 to spend on Internet advertising. I would also suggest advertising in your local newspaper, or yellow pages (phone book) local advertising really helps.

    I spend around $100 every 3 months these days on CPC advertising at various places, I avoid google though, it never really worked for me.

    Also, flyer's work, also put papers up on your local notice board, in shop windows, little things like that attract attention.

    Once you start getting customers, offer them your great services, they will do the work from there.
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    Thread moved to Running a Web Hosting Business.

    I recommend reading similar threads in this subforum, as this is relatively common question that is answered sometimes in more detail, sometimes in less detail. However, don't expect anyone to give you their golden egg laying goose for free, if you know what I mean.

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    Thanks for your help, theres a couple of colleges around here aswel, might try and see if i can get some up in there, must have plenty of IT students there and also the local shops etc.

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    I have a good entertainment website. I have my reseller advertised on that. I do get customers but not that much. So I will try local newspapers.

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    choose one of this two fingers .. Google or Google
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    Offline Advertising never helps as. We preferer to spent mony on a good SEO. service

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    Quote Originally Posted by Otriks
    Offline Advertising never helps as. We preferer to spent mony on a good SEO. service
    Did you define exactly what kind of client you were targetting? Did you figure out similar characteristics among them?

    Those are only two questions, but if you didn't even do those, then you didn't research it enough, in my opinion anyway, to go about reaching to those clients properly. You should define exactly who you are targetting and determine the best ways to target that demographic. This is where a well thought out market analysis can help immensely.
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    From my experience, word of mouth is 1000x more effective than any paid hosting you can fish up. Think up some clever methods of running with that, and you'll do well - but if you don't have client mouths to talk yet, I'd say it may be worthwhile to spend on advertising even at a slight loss.
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    I ran into the same problem as you did. I also could not find any suitable place for affordable advertisement. Everything i could find was either on a crappy page or out of my budget. I just came up with trying to create the adspace for my offers first and created Right now i am concentrating all my advertisement budget on this one domain instead of the other domains which are actually hosting my product. I hope in this way i can on the one hand optimize my budget and on the other hand create a advertisement budget that is covered by the site itsself.
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