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    lowest resource forum script?


    Does anyone know which of the many opensource forum (aka threaded message board) scripts uses the least amount of system resources? Are their any forum scripts that specialize in low resource consumption? I would prefer very low resource consumption to an overly complex, featureful, and demanding application.

    Thanks in advance for any pointers,


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    about the lowest is phpbb and or greylog

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    I use phpbb and vbulletin ...

    and I believe that phpbb is using less resources and much faster in loading the site ...

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    Invision Boards, which only today has seen it's official v1.0 release, loads much faster than PHPBB2, requiring less queries.

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    vBulletin and phpBB are both good. As long as you stay away from UBB, you'll be fine. - Reliable Web Hosting with magical support
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    phpBB is almost non-existant on my boxes. But then, its no WHT in terms of visits.

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    Invision Board and phpBB2 get two thumbs up from me.
    Both excellent, both free, and both modifiable to your heart's content.

    It'd be nice if there was a benchmark that showed the resource usage and speed of the various php/mySQL boards. Ikonboard had a benchmark a while back of their upcoming PHP version before the developer left and created Invision Board, but I heard that benchmark was not indicative of real world performance.

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