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    Web Hosting Finds is a project I've been working with for a while. The site has been live for about 3 months. I hope I have worked out most of the bugs but you never know until you get others to have a look. I would appreciate any design, marketing or any other criticism you have. Also, could you let me know if the main page is slow to load for you?

    Thanks all.

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    First off, it loads fine for me, but I have a fast connection so it's hard for me to say, though I'm sure it's fine.

    1. I like that you have the comparison table at the top - that's the (primary) point of the site and you don't bury in content - very cool. I saw a site with this kind of information a while back and their table was near the bottom under a pile of useless content.

    Regarding the comparison table...

    1a. What do you base the rankings on? This information is not given and it probably should be. Of course you have review links on the right, but how these ordered? I would consider displaying this info, be it stars (3 of 4, etc) or whatever it might be.

    1b. I would consider adding a "List Continued" or "Full List" link if possible showing all reviewed hosts in order on another page perhaps. Looking at your list, I'm not sure if you are showing your Top 5, or if you have only reviewed 5 total.

    1c. I would consider adding a paragraph with information on your comparison (placed below the table perhaps). The site is about finding the best hosting, but really the majority of the text on the page is news headings. A paragraph about the chart could help clarify some of the things I have mentioned above for visitors and add value with regards to SEO. you have the Web Hosting Finds paragraph near the bottom, but a shorter one for the chart might add that extra value/clarification.

    While mentioning SEO (which it looks like you have taken into consideration in a number of areas), you might consider dropping in a few more keywords (you have 2 right now). The value of them is questionable any more, but it couldn't hurt and you could easily come up with a few more that make numerous appearances within your content (which is good).

    2. "Add Our Button" - I would consider making an actual button that says "Add Our Button". Of course they can click the image to learn how to add it, but it's not obvious that this is the case unless they read the paragraph above it. When viewers come down and see that header "Add Our Button", it might be nice to have a button that is obvious for them to move immediately to.... just an idea.

    Overall it's not bad looking at all, but if it were mine I would think about just how much content needs to be on the site. You have a lot of feeds, etc and it's a little overwhelming. Of course the focus will be the comparison chart, but the volume of content might be something to consider as far as just how much you feel needs to be on there. Maybe you think it all needs to be there, and that's cool too - I would just give it a second look-over to confirm it's all "needed".
    Something witty here...

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    Hi Emory,

    It's great. Finding the best quality Web Hosting for cheap prices is such a serious issue to serious webmasters. I would be happy to link to ur site from BWDP if you could expand on the table on the main page, maybe by creating a seperate page with a huge table? and adding more columns too?

    Pages load fine, great design, quite accessible too.

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    Not bad at all. I like the dog.

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    I like the basic design. It's very basic, but it's viewable and that's what you need.

    It loads fast which is another plus considering you don't want your visitors to sit waiting loading all the 'fancy' graphics if you had some.

    It's not so good on a 800x600 resolution as the right 'News Comments' box resizes too small making it unreadable.

    As PlaneWalker said, you really do need more keywords.

    Personally, I would make the font for the content inside the 'Compare Web Hosting Providers' table smaller. You've used bold and bigger font for titles, however the font inside this table is the same size as the titles and to me it's not wise to do such a thing.

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    I want to thank you all for these very helpful comments. I agree with all. I have implemented some changes now. Others will follow.

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