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    Question HostGator vs. ThePlanet

    I am in the market for a dedicated server. The site that it will run is a moderately database-intensive PHP site. I am currently split over whether to buy it from ThePlanet or HostGator, which is a ThePlanet reseller. With ThePlanet, I get complete control over the server, which is both comforting and frightening, as I am in no way a Linux guru. However, with HostGator they manage the server for me. I like this idea because it takes the trouble of patching and other maintence off my back. However, I am worried if something goes wrong I will have less ability to fix it. So, anyone have any suggestions?

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    If you can't manage your own server, then go with HG who will manage the server for you. Or you could go with TP and hire another company to manage your server. Aussie Bob, host since 2001
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    HG is an experienced company that you can definitely trust...go for them if you need mangement.
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    You can always buy ThePlanet's management services =)

    Just a suggestion.


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    you can relax: there are quite some companies who do server management here so you can buy one of their services.

    whatever you choose, try to make a review after 3 months
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    Doesn't HG resell for the planet?

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