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    Sending Bulk E-mails

    I am in the process of setting up two online newsletters that have about 3000 subscribers each. Instead of selecting an online service (like Constant Contact), we are self-hosting using a commercial PHP script that allows you to send via remote SMTP server. We are currently running in a shared hosting environment and cannot send to lists of this size on the web host due to very reasonable resource limitations.
    Does anyone have any opinions / recommendations on how to handle this scenerio? Can I just get a cheap, low-powered dedicated box and use it for these bulk-mailings? Or would another solution (or service) be a better option?

    Thanks in advance! - Website Development and Internet Solutions

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    We have had good success, on behalf of our clients, with the commercial list hosting provided by One of the lists is in excess of 30,000 subscribers and we have had no problems at all with it.
    Mark Oberg

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