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    Ensim 3.0 Cannot add domains with email features enabled!


    When trying to add domains in ensim 3.0 via the control panel, it says:

    Result: Creating failed!

    And clicking "Details" brings up the following:

    Details of the last action performed:

    sendmail - Perform post-edit actions
    ( ERROR ):Failed to run newaliases after enabling Sendmail. Error 71.
    Standard Out: ['drop_privileges: setuid(0) succeeded (when it should not): Operation not permitted ']
    Standard Error: []
    bind - Disable service
    (WARNING)lease use the Bind DNS Manager to edit/delete the zone for this domain.

    If I disable sendmail, mail, squirrelmail, etc then the domain is added fine. But that doesnt serve any real purpose.

    Also domains are unable to send or receive messages. Message sent to any of the domains on this system, bounce with the following:

    ----- The following addresses had transient non-fatal errors -----
    <[email protected]>

    ----- Transcript of session follows -----
    ... while talking to
    >>> QUIT
    <<< 451 4.0.0 drop_privileges: setuid(0) succeeded (when it should not): Operation not permitted
    <[email protected]>... Deferred: Broken pipe
    Warning: message still undelivered after 4 hours
    Will keep trying until message is 5 days old

    Something tells me both problems are related.

    Please help. Lost newbie here. RS support wasnt very helpful!


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    Wow.. You got yourself an error there..

    I think the clue is

    Failed to run newaliases after enabling Sendmail. Error 71.

    Track down why newaliases is failing and you should be ok.

    Ensim should be able to help. Take advantage of their support. They are very good.

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    Thanks for taking the time to help me out! As I stated earlier Im a newbie and have no idea whats going on. Also I havent made any major modifications except to install the 2 ensim patches available on their site. (The problem existed even before installing the patches!) Anyway, Ill try my luck with rs and ensim support. I have more faith in forums, hoping WHT and RS forum members will have this sorted for me.

    Thanks guys for all the great help!

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    The problem is that /home/virtual/*/usr/sbin/sendmail has the wrong permissions. You should change them back to root. Login as root and do:

    chown root.root /home/virtual/*/usr/sbin/sendmail

    This will fix your problem.

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    thanks fastpage, anyway rs support finally fixed this after a large no of support tickets...anyway its fixed

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