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    Question about LeaseWeb: can i choose the datacenter?

    I have a question about LeaseWeb (if any of you guys have asked them before and know the answer, please reply)

    Is it possible to choose at which datacenter my dedicated LeaseWeb server would be hosted?

    1. Is it possible to say I want my server at TeleCity2/RedBus?

    2. Would it cost extra?

    Thanks in advance.

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    that would be a question you should ask their sales staff

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    I did email them, but since i didn't get the reply yet, i thought i would just post it here, since maybe someone else might ask them the same thing.

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    The might offer a choice but I really don't know, I have my servers in Schuberg Philis, but my clients have servers in EasyNet.

    To be honest though, in Europe, datacentres are mainly carrier neutral and all the datacentres that LeaseWeb use are located in Amsterdam and use the same network, so there isnt really a difference in speeds, pings or reliability.

    It possibly costs more to choose, I think EasyNet are currently where they are putting most new "low cost" servers, but it used to be SBP, maybe its just a case of wherever has spare capacity.

    Email them and find out though, and post your findings here when you have done for future reference. - Quality Web Solutions That Work!
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    Well honestly, i wouldn't even care if i would get good speeds from all of their datacenters, but in my case i don't.

    I get best speeds from TeleCity 2 and RedBus, but not from others.

    That's why i ask.

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    I got my answer if anyone wants to know:

    At the moment we only setup servers at Schuberg Philis and EasyNet DC.
    It is not optional to setup servers at TC2 or RBS.

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    Considering that Redbus just raised their prices with 50%, I dont think they'll put your server there without an extra fee. The costs for the rackspace at Redbus alone is more than the total costs for a budget server at leaseweb (@ easynet DC)

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