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    How to create a Sql Server database step by step?

    Hello from Spain (excuse my English)

    I am using a Windows hosting and i'm trying to create a mssql database in Helm Panel with name blog, and user: xxx, password: yyy. That's ok.

    But at the same time, i have an access database in my pc which has been converted to mssql using MS Access. Now i want to upload it to my windows server and try to connect thru "connect string".

    There's something i don't understand, if you already have a local database in sql server, which are the steps to upload it and connect thru "connect string" ( i mean ConnectString ="PROVIDER=SQLOLEDB;Server=x.x.x.x;UID=adm ....)?

    Moreover, when i try to connect to the database server using the ip i got in helm panel i found an error (ping to this ip has no answer).

    Can you help me with that?

    Thank you.

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    I already found the right connection string, but now all i have is a blank database in my server with no data.

    How to populate it with the data i have in my local mssql database?

    Thank you.

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    Backup your local MSSQL database and upload to the hosting server. Submit a support ticket and your porvider will restore the database for you.
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