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    Anyone interested in working on a site with me? - Web Profitablity/Promotion

    I am new to this forum, so I apologize if this is posted in the wrong place or violates any of the rules.

    Hey, I am thinking about starting a website that helps begging and experienced webmasters attain profitablity of there site on the web. This site will have articles, tips, links, recommened reading .etc. Perhaps Affiliate reviews (I.E. Fastclick, Burst Media,, FocusIN...). And, hopefully and active forum.

    I am kinda doing this because here is no really nice database out there that I could find. As well as a learnign experience

    But, what I need is some people who are experienced in this field to write articles, How-To's, reivews of the ad companies, be around the forums .etc. I am also thinking about having information on promotion on the site.

    So, if any of you are interested in working on the site with me it would be appreicated. The site is in very early planning stages, I don't have the domain bought or anything.

    I already have two or three people interested, but I would like four to five more.

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    I would advise you design your site before you ask for help. That way people see how serious you are. Maybe find a cheap host to show it off and develop it on. You also said the magic word database which means you will need one. I would learn: HTML, javascript, PHP, and MySQL if I were going to do it. Of course, you might get lucky and some nice people will help design it too.

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    I already have a host, it will be co-hosted with my other site (I have WHM). I am not going to do a full fledged SQL db, prolly just flat html db's unless I see it fit. I just want to know that there is some interest in working on it becuase I can't do it alone!

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    I'm currently working on one alone... man is it a lot of work!
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    You said it!!

    I have a site of this kind: 3 articles in 6 months!

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    sounds like Webmaster Ads to me =/
    why not offer to help there?
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    182 was the message addressed to me?

    That was an answer to BravoComm

    If that was a webmaster add, then it would read 60 articles in 1 month, followed by a link to the site. Now that was a comment about how big is the job. With no link

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