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    Question Thinking of a Dedicated? Try our DSE Plans First!! 50Gb/5GbHD/$49mth/$0Setup!!

    Visit us at
    New version of web://cp included. Try our online demo CP at

    Come and try out our packages first with our 7-day free trial. Discover how much you could save by going with a DSE package instead of a dedicated+control_panel+extra_support combo.


    DSE SK Package

    - RedHat 7.3
    - 1 IP address (Not upgradable)
    - 5Gb HD / 50Gb monthy transfer
    - Webmin CP and web://cp reseller CP (unlimited domains)
    - No Setup / No Contract
    - 7-day Free Trial

    - $49 USD per month


    DSE DK Package

    - RedHat 7.3 or your choice of Linux distribution
    - 128 Mb RAM / 512Mb cached swap
    - 2 IP addresses (Upgradable)
    - 5Gb HD / 50Gb monthy transfer
    - IPT Firewall, 32-bit quota, Host custom DNS servers (with 2 IP), loop mounts
    - Webmin CP and web://cp reseller CP (unlimited domains)
    - No Setup / No Contract
    - 7-day Free Trial

    - $59 USD per month


    DSE VM Package

    - Redhat 7.3 or your choice of OS (Linux, BSD, Solaris, MS Windows*)
    - 256Mb RAM / 512Mb cached swap
    - 5 IP addresses (Upgradable)
    - 10Gb HD / 80Gb monthly transfer
    - Anything that runs on a real x86 server will run on our VM plan.
    - Webmin CP and web://cp reseller CP (unlimited domains)
    - No Setup / No Contract
    - 7-day Free Trial

    - $89 USD per month

    * Microsoft Windows 2kPro/2kServer/XP requires a client supplied license or an additional surcharge. Contact us for details.

    What is included -

    - Full Root Access (Not pseudo-root)
    - 100mbs connection to ATT network on the west coast
    - Climate controlled and UPS/Generator backed physical facilities
    - We install Jakarta Tomcat JSP and provide basic support for it free of charge!
    - web://cp reseller CP offers features found in CP packages such as PleskSA and C-Panel. Together with webmin, it makes a very capable web based management system.
    - If you have your own Plesk/Cpanel/Ensim license, we will install it for you and provide basic support free of charge.
    - Friendly support to help you get started. If you don't know your way around (Linux), we'll give you help.
    - DK and VM packages (with 2 or more IPs) can host custom DNS servers. However, all packages can use our shared DNS system, managed through a web interface.
    - More questions? Check out our FAQ


    What is included with the default installation (RedHat 7.3) -

    - Apache 1.3.22
    - Perl 5.6.1
    - PHP 4.1.2
    - MySQL/PostgreSQL
    - BIND9 (DNS)
    - VSFTPD Secure FTP Server
    - OpenSSH Server and Clients
    - Sendmail/Postfix/UW-IMAP/POP3
    - INND (Newgroup daemon)
    - GCC compiler and full development environment
    - ODBC Support
    - OpenLDAP server and clients
    - Standard Unix utilities
    - Jakarta Tomcat (Free Option)
    - web://cp Control Panel (Free Option)


    Diginode Networks is offerring improved DSE packages that offers performance comparable to mid-range dedicated servers, at a fraction of the price. We have three types of DSE packages available for you to choose from, each offering free options such as reseller control panel and Tomcat JSP.

    Our DSE packages provide multiple advantages over conventional private servers (PS). All our DSE packages offer full root access, as opposed to solution involving a pseudo-root account (FreeVSD). Furthermore, DSE DK and VM packages also include the ability to install different Linux distributions, while the VM package allows installation of different operating systems, including FreeBSD, Solaris x86 and even Microsoft Windows.

    Unlike many PS offering on the market, Diginode's DSE includes full reseller control panel support, allowing the server to host an unlimited number of domains. A full compilation environment including gcc, glibc and related headers, and make tools such as make and autoconf is included. The DSE is not a stripped down operating environment.

    If you're interested and want to test drive our packages, sign up for a 7-day free trial today. You will not be charged during the trial.

    Diginode Networks

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    What is the server specs?

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