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    advice needed for very big phpbb forum

    Hello guys,

    I recently acquired a very big phpbb forum; it reach up to 400 users in peak hours.

    The main problem is that I have to change its hosting and that.. I'm a noob
    That'd be great if you can give me some advices.

    Well, here are some questions:

    1= which one would be better for my forum (up to 400 users together)? Vps? Dedicated? Other? (I have no idea, sorry)
    2= what about CPU and RAM of the server? How much does my forum need?
    3= how much bandwith do I need (approx.)?

    And.. which hosting do you suggest me?
    I'm not going to spend big bucks.. but I fully understand that it's better to spend a little more than to have problems in future.
    So, let's say my budget is in the average - upper average.

    Thank you very much for reading this.

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    For this amount of users I would recommend a dedicated server. A VPS could be easily overloaded with that many concurrent mysql connections. Personally, I wouldnt use anything below an AMD 64 3200 machine as that should more than suffice for your needs. If you wanted the best, you could go opteron or xeon - AMD Athlon 64 should do well enough, though.

    for instance - for $90 you can get this servers at Layered Technologies

    It is an AMD 64 3200, 1 gig ram, 1500 gigs bandwidth (1.5 terrabytes), an 80 gig hard drive, and 5 usable IP's.

    I think that is reasonable and should cover your needs.

    No, I'm not an LT fanboy - I like softlayer the most to be honest. But if you dont want to spend an arm and a leg, it's worth it.

    Also, so I dont get slammed for this -

    Dont go unmanaged dedicated if you dont know how to manage a server. Or, you could get an unmanaged server and hire a company like Platinum Server Management.

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    Managed Solution

    Well I would suggest a dedicated server.I think about $150 would be about right alltogether, you would need to provide a bit more info to a company so they can give you the best solution, Like bandwidth usage, space used, average server load.
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    I would recommend a dedicated server or a VPS... depends on your budget... =)
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    Having 400 users would pretty much kill a VPS, if you don't want to cause problems with your host go with a dedicated server.

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    Why not find out what the current owner is using, and get hosting, dedicated, vps or what ever to match, also to lower the cpu usage you may want to swap forum system, eg to ipb or vb. | low cost quality hosting
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    First, welcome to WHT!

    I think Redihot really hit the nail on the head. Find out what the current host is using. Of course, maybe that is why you need to move it? Is the host claiming it is too large?

    I tend to agree, best case scenario is a dedicated server for this. However, I think the prices people have quoted are for strictly non-managed servers. In other words, you will need to do all server administration. If you have that knowledge, great, then go for it. DedicatedNow has some great offerings right now that would get you what you want for less than $100 a month. However; if you are not a server admin, then you will need to find a managed dedicated server. A good one will cost twice as much at least.

    You might find a host willing to give you a semi-dedicated account. The other problem you will have with such a busy phpBB board put on a shared server, is keeping the board patched and up to date. This will be important no matter what solution you choose, but on a shared server, the host will want some assurances that your large board is kept secure at all times.

    Good luck!
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