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    Unique website designs for sale & custom services

    We have over 20 unique designs for sale.
    All designs include:
    - layered PSD file
    - full resell rights.
    - full customization of the design

    These designs will never be resold by me. They are only sold once and whom ever purchases the design my resell them.

    - coding is an additional $10 as is done using tables.

    Payment via credit card only via 2co.

    Bidding for each design starts at $100.
    Buy out for each design is $150.
    Please reply with your bid or Send me an email: [email protected]

    View designs:

    Featured Hosting Designs:

    Bulk discounts are available.

    We'd also like to offer our design services. We offer a wide range of design services for complete website design, to print and corporate

    identity work.

    You can take a look at our extensive portfolio here:

    We have a special package which includes:
    - Custom Template
    - Custom Logo
    - Flash Header
    - Flash Navigation
    - Sub Page
    All this for $325

    If you're interested please contact via email: [email protected] or via pm, icq 8682204 or reply to this post.


    Idan Arbel
    Arbel Designs
    Idan Arbel - Arbel Designs
    icq: 8682204
    Idan Arbel - Arbel Designs
    icq: 8682204

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    Do these work with OS Commerce?

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    Yes, you can contact me vail to discuss the details.
    Idan Arbel - Arbel Designs
    icq: 8682204

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