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Thread: Design Colors

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    Design Colors

    Just a random question, but whenever i start up a design, plot it out then go for a color scheme, I always seem to be drawn to a blue-based design as my primary color (other than white, obviously). I actually have to remind myself not to use blue. So I was just wondering what colors you guys naturally get drawn to when starting up design concepts.

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    Most people's favorite color is blue, so that's not surprising that we reach for the blue crayon first when we are going to color in our digital coloring book.

    When I'm working out a color scheme, I first ask are there any colors that are associated with the company/organization. I'm working on a site for a lodge that has particular colors they use.

    Otherwise, the theme or the target market may suggest colors. Thanks to the matrix, the bright color with a black background that was so kewl in the mid-90's has returned to site design for anything that targets users likely to find that style appealing.

    Otherwise, just inspiration. I just finished a design where I had no color scheme in mind, but it turned out the primary color is a brick red, an odd color but it works well, and contrasts with the gray and black that are the other colors.

    I wonder if anyone's done a study of what color web sites are, to see what color is what percentage. Perhaps if you average them all together you get a color like they did with the universe, which I believe came out beige.
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    I open up PS and randomly select a color. Even if its hot pink it got selected and must be used. No but seriously I find myself using blue a lot. I use to use black a lot but now sites with black backgrounds and stuff just look ugly to me.

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    I always seem to be drawn by blue also. I guess there's just something about blue.

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    I tend to incorporate alot of gray in my designs, along with black & white images. That's why my sites are often plain and dull.

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