In order to encourage the development of the VoIP market and to support the hosting companies that get into a new business, 4PSA created a special opportunity for Data Centers and dedicated server providers.

Between 25 September and 1 November 2006 any Data Center or dedicated hosting company can qualify for three months of free 4PSA VoipNow licenses.

What does this mean?

- the company will be able to setup an UNLIMITED number of dedicated servers or VPSes with 4PSA VoipNow for FREE (Virtuozzo templates available)
- FREE support provided by 4PSA

Qualification criteria for companies joining the program:

- established company selling dedicated servers or VPSes
- sells at least 20 dedicated servers or VPSes every month
- able to offer 4PSA VoipNow servers within 30 days after being accepted into the program

Online demo

You can browse the 4PSA VoipNow online demo at:

Free trial

If you want to try 4PSA VoipNow, do not hesitate to check the installation instructions:

Please contact channel AT if you want to join this program. Do not hesitate to use the same email address to send us your questions or comments.