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    How to Download Log files (Windows)

    I have had a windows server with VPSLand but I had some problems and they were good enough to give me a full refund but I just want to be able to download the sites log files to my own computer before the account is closed soon. all attempts tp download stats produce an error by trying to access them in the site reports area. One of the reasons I decided to stop using their services was because the stats that came with the server never worked.

    I have emailed them 2 days ago but they have not bothered to respond. Can someone offer some help please.
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    Do you have Remote Desktop access to the server with an admin level account?

    If so then you could zip the contents of the web logs folder(s) [usually <windows>\system32\logfiles\W3SVC* on a simple install, but on a shared hosting setup I'm not sure] into a directory that is web-shared and download the .zip over HTTP(S).

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    yeah I tried that the other day but I got errors accessing the directory, just one of several problems I had here but I worked it out now... i just use ftp in top level and there is a directory called webstats and there is lots of files there for me to download easy enough.

    thanks anyway..
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    Hmm.. webstats -i believe webstats refer only site stats.

    As per dspillettt said, you can get the FTP logs, SMTP logs, IIS logs inside the
    windows root directry/system32/logfiles

    And for particular site log you can get the logfile exactly one level up to the root directory of the domain.
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