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    the best voice caht program


    I have a server that support a voice chat, and I'm searching for the best voice chat program/script to use on the server.
    I hope that you tell me what is the best one. I need it be very good even if I have to change the whole server for it, I don't have any problem.
    I need it for a chat that will receive more than 100 users at any time, with a very good voice.


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    I don't know that it matters which you use. it's a matter of preference. is my preference is the other

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    There are some of the chat software listout in this URL Please check the reviews of this before proceeding ;-)
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    Check out - its a hosted solution (you dont have to setup anything) which uses just a web browser for both you and your clients rolling presentation and voip product in one, technicaly called a 'meeting room' . Nice thing about it is that it runs IN your browser (no external software to figure out except a few clicks in the browser window) - i mean if you want support are you going to download and install something like ventrilo? The added bonus is you can bring up slides/web pages on the screen while talking to 1, or 100 people at once to show then the support you are talking about.
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    I've used both Teamspeak and Ventrilo. Both have nice features, they are the most widely used, and the voice quality is as good/great as you want to set it since you'll want to keep an eye on your server resources.

    If you went with Ventrilo, you'd have to go through a reseller since you're not buying enough slots to make it worth their while. So cross that one off your list unless you're looking to host the voice off 3rd party server. Also, there is no Vent client for Linux users. Not sure if that makes a difference to you, but it's worth knowing.

    Teamspeaks requires you to buy licenses too, but you can go directly through TS instead of a reseller. The minimum slots you can buy is 100. Last I checked the price was $14/month.

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