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    Creating reseller account with own nameservers on Plesk (newbie Q)

    Can someone explain the process of properly creating a reseller account (with its own nameservers) using Plesk 2.5? has given 2 static IPs for and She's registered them with her registrar. creates reseller account for

    In Plesk, changes the NS records for the domain from's nameservers to's nameservers. Does need to make any additions to his DNS records? In the DNS zone file for, are you supposed to add: A A

    How does make it so that all domains created with that reseller account use's nameservers instead of's nameservers? (not having to manually edit it for every domain)

    Would appreciate it if someone could explain the process to properly create a reseller account in Plesk!
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    You can leave the default DNS template. ALL you have to do is alias the IPs in "Server" and register it with your registrar.
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    Are you saying that the Plesk reseller would have to manually change the NS records of each new domain created?
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