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    Adding IPs to the server


    I bought a VPS from . They provide me 2 extra IPs and mentioned to add it to my server. I can login the server using the other IP (main IP) through remote desktopp. but, I couldnt see any option to add IPs. when i tried to add IPs thru plesk, it gave the error "invalid ip". please help me.

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    I would be able to tell you how to bind them to the server which needs to be done prior to doing the step listed below but i will need more information regarding what OS you are running.

    The name of the icon which imports the new IPs is "Reread IP". It is
    reached by clicking on the "IP Network" icon under the "Server" link in
    the Module window on the left. After you have re-read the IP's, they will be available under the domain adminsitration sections of Plesk.
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