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    Question Installing FFMPEG ? Needs some advice please.


    We have a managed VPS, and have never needed on our own dedicated servers in teh past to have FFMPEG due to the line of data we host. So, I asked our provider to please install FFMPEG onto our server.

    This is the response I have received:

    FFMpeg requires PHP to be compiled as CGI (PHPsuexec) that is only officially supported by cPanel. So in order to install FFMpeg modules we have to resetup your VPS with cPanel.
    Now our VPS is running Direct Admin on CentOS.

    I am not trying to poke holes at our provider, just trying to find out if this is the truth, or if there is a work around that can accomplish this.

    I do not want CPANEL on our account. We have two unix techs here at work, however unfortunately they are both off for two weeks as of middle of last week, so i'm caught with who to look for to gain a second opinion.

    Any information is appreciated.



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    I would guess that they think you already have Cpanel...

    You definitely don't *have* to have Cpanel for this. I think the person who replied probably thought that you already had Cpanel. Loads of people do, so it's easy to assume sometimes.

    So I would just reply and say that you don't have Cpanel, don't want to get it, and ask what the options are.

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