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Thread: VPN Network

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    VPN Network

    Okay, I have been trying to get a VPN network setup here between our DC and our office for weeks now and have not been sucessful.

    Here is our goals:
    -use 10.x.x.x/ as a local backend network at our DC
    -be able to assign a 10.x.x.x address at the office to all workstations and be able to access any of the local machines at the DC
    -we have a asterisk server that we use and want to run that on the same network, asterisk box at the DC, phones at the office

    We are wanting to impliment this for allot of security procedures and for ease.

    But I also want to be able to have this like at my house so I can still be on the VPN. I want to have my house, office and DC always connected and then setup remote ability too to dial in via VPN.

    What would be the best way to accomplish.

    I have already tried having a few Linksys RV082 and WRV54G but the remote and local networks must be different networks, so this will not work here.

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    I have been using OpenVPN lately with great success. It can do everything you are looking for and or allow you to use 2 different subnets between your DC and office if that will make things easier.

    Take a look at their HOWTO document and then find 2 ends points to use. They can be Windows, Linux, BSD, OSX, Solaris or others. Install the software on both ends and then setup the RSA keys between the hosts. In your server.conf you will want to use the 'push-route' statements to allow the remote locations to see each others subnets. You will also want to allow the 'client-to-client' option in the server.conf so that clients on both ends can see each other. Read through the docs on their site and FAQ and you will find it is a very easy to use application and quite powerful.



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    Hi i just tried to run OpenVPN but i have problems:

    64:[email protected]:/etc/openvpn]$ Options error: port number associated with host 209.59.210.XXX is out of range
    What should i do?

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