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    Question Question about Burst ram...

    Hello friends,

    So, finally i have decided to go for one of these company: or

    But i want to know, Servnet is providing burst ram: 1gb ... is this any useful????
    Futurehosting is not providing this...: thats why i am asking?

    Is it helpful in site (vb based) performance?

    For this reason i am not able to decide with which i should go

    Thanks for your help

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    Ofcourse, more ram is better :-)
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    It depends on what you are looking for. If your website is SOMETIMES busy then burst RAM should help you (Virtuozzo). If you are always busy then it's good to know exactly what you have! (XEN)
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    Ok, thanks guys i think i should now go for

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    I would check with the host to see what the burst RAM rules are...a host that has been around for even a little bit will have me. Burst is very important to people like me because I like to build things from source. Even a little bit of extra RAM can be the difference between success or terrible failure in many cases.

    I've about beat this poor horse to death..but let's go down this road one more time.

    However...most failures were not RAM at all..but...other the infamous
    stingy privvmpages resource. I think if more of us would start asking hosts these allocations...before purchase...more hosts would be more forthcoming with this information. Many won't talk about it at much CPUunits you are going to get. Ask.

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    Thanks bryonhost1, i checked Futurehosting but they don't provide burst ram ... only dedicated ram whereas Servint do provide it upto till now a bit confused

    And one more query guys, please suggest which is better -- cPanel/WHM or Plesk ??

    I mean to know which of these consume less RAM? and which one is better and very easy to use for a newbie like me?
    I checked Pleask8 DEMO, i must say it was really cool..but before going for it i wana know your views

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    Hi!'s like this-Burst RAM is a good thing for us-as clients. It may or may not be a good thing for hosts...depending on their personal expertise. It brings another element into play that *Must* be managed...or you will have people using more RAM than they are paying for on a regular basis vs just a normal install spike like I see.

    Once the install is never see that much resource usage..of course...I have taken the path of specically *NOT* recommending VPS's for production use...simply many cases...they are simply not comparable to non-vps
    hosting performance....not even most cases.

    I recommend people who are really serious to at least start with no control panel at all on the vps. If you *Must* have cpanel...get a small reseller account with somebody decent on a nomal server...and use the vps to really learn linux, linux administration..programming..prototype a web application..etc...etc.

    Once you put a control panel on a will find that not only is the vps a very poor is a poor everything else as well...poor mailserver...poor programming platform...etc...etc....due to the huge amounts of resources the control panel itself consumes..even when you are using it.

    Cpanel vs Plesk is simply a experience thing. I have had them both...and currently have them both, in fact. Plesk doesn't get useful until you add things to has a add-on pack called power pack..and several other add-ons that may or may not be of much use to you..anti-virus and spam protection that cost extra.

    To really enjoy Cpanel...I've got hooked on rvskins myself...even though I'm really trying to quit. Honest. No Cpanel...ahhhh...I'm a addict. I'll admit it.

    A VPS without a control panel is faster....and much better suited to learn linux. I started out using rpm installs for everything. Now that I'm playing with the really fun stuff...this is not possible...apache/perl/python/php..because they are connected...and must be compiled from source to be even mildly useful. This takes so many other things.

    What it really boils down to is this:

    What are your personal goals with this VPS?

    Please do not tell you want to sell hosting on it..please.

    If you are growing out of shared and really want to learn administration so you can mange a rel dedicated server yourself...a vps is a wonderful tool to learn this case...cpanel may need to be part of the equation..hard to learn something you don't have. has been my experience that the installs itself can be quite a challenge.

    If you are serious about learning this stuff...find a host that will let you install cpanel yourself...and fantastico too...I did. Well...actually the host in question had no say in the matter..I decided to do it..and did it.
    Well!!! Only way to learn, mate! I knew the vps could be remade from scratch and cpanel re-installed. In other cases...there is nothing stopping you bringing in atest license from Cpanel yourself..and fantastico and other goodies yourself...except the fact you may have problems if the IP has been used to test Cpanel before...but...I've never had that I'm not sure how they (Cpanel) deal with it.

    However...the honest truth is you can learn Cpanel adminsitration without having it on a vps by just reading posts...and taking notes..and spending time on wonderful has been a simply wonderful resource. There are many others scattered about...another site I cannot live without is useful site for DNS..and many other things as well.

    Good luck!

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    Thanks bryonhost1 for suggestions but in my case i'm not going for a vps for just fun or learn i already have a 2 year hosting with Site5 going on...i am moving to VPS because my host say it time to go for a vps because your site is using too much resources.

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    VPS' are perfectly fine for a hosting environment if you choose one with a decent amount of resources.

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    I think I'd prefer a host that only gives a marginal ammount of burst space. High burst space promotes overutilisation of your account, and not only does other resource consumption grow with your burst space (which may not be easily controlled by the hardware node), but you may also become dependant on it and think you don't need to upgrade when you do, even if it's not gaurenteed.

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