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    Web Host for MB-based site (Hostgator?)

    I am currently the admin of a forum hosted for free by, and I am interested in moving this forum to a paid host. The forum has about 54,000 posts and 350 members, and averages about 500 posts a week.

    I've been hearing some good things about, and I was wondering if their hatchling package would be sufficient for my forum?

    Or, if not, could anyone provide me with some web hosts who are good for dealing with message board based sites?

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    350 member forum is no problem for most budget hosting companies, just depends mainly on the amount of traffic you get and number of concurrent users you have on your forum most the time.

    Send an email to your host and do some research and you should be good to go.

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  3. What is your max amount of visitors online? How fast is your forum growing? What is your current bandwidth usage per month?

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    350-member forum can be accommodated by budget hosting plans but make sure your host can scale things up for you when you need it.

    Your growth rate and traffic density will most likely affect your choice of hosting package. I also suggest that you make some sort of buffer (1 plan up) if your forum is growing fast and have heavy traffic already.

    Hope this helps.
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    First, welcome to WHT!

    Any reliable host will be able to handle your needs. What you describe is not really that large. HostGator is a good solid company and has a good rep here. Good luck to you!
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    Yeah, the forum isn't that big, that's why I was assuming I wouldn't need too big of a hosting plan. I just wanted to ask to make sure. Thanks guys.

    Web Hosting 101: max users online is probably about 5-10, forum has been online for about 2 years, and I don't know what my current bandwidth use per month is because I don't host the forum on my own. It's a free one from, which doesn't disclose bandwidth info.

    So yeah, obviously it isn't too big, but it's big enough to make the transition to a paid hosting plan, IMO.

    Also, is good about dealing with message board sites? I just keep hearing their name in a lot of threads around these parts, so I'm kind of leaning towards going with them...

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