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    Upload files to a Virtual Directory

    I never had upload files to a Virtual Directory and need a help. I know that I can't use a FTP Client because the VD is not visible in the filesystem. I create the VD with Plesk. I'm read many help documments about the topic but all of them cover the Creation and Management of VD in the local machine but not about how to upload files to a Hosting Web Server.

    Can anybody say to me what is the method or the way to upload these files?

    Thanks in advanced

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    Welcome to WHT!

    Each host is a bit different, have you tried asking your host how to do this?
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    Yes but I think that the support panel no know nothing about the topic because four person send post messages but all about creation the VD and a Link to a Microsoft site that don't help me for nothing. Nobody say how to uploads files....

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    (I send this anoher reply because I don't found how to modify a message)

    Well: at the moment I need to clear a doubt: some special software is necessary to uploads these files? Really what is the way or method to do this?

    Thanks again....

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